Land Construction Services

Start : 22-August-2010
Owner : Japex Buton Ltd. (Japan Petroleum Exploration)
Location : Buton Island, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia
Description :Provision, set up and maintenance of temporary project office, site laboratory, camp and workshop equipped with electric supply, water supply and toilet facilities with septic tank for COMPANY representatives. Construction of supply base at Malaoge. Construction of Primary and Secondary Helipad. Construction of 1.1 km access road from SP-VI to Wellsite. Construction of 478 m connecting road from jetty to existing road, 10,913 km road improvement and maintenance of existing road. Gravel road improvement. Construction of wellsite on area of 74 x 219 m (mud pit, water sump pit, VSP pit; well head cellar; explosive bunker; flare pit, security perimeter fencing and outer ditch). Construction of Camp Site. Preparation of Water Supply Facilities. Maintenance of road during drilling operation, and other services.